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September Contest Over ~
October 01th, 2014

Hello guys,

The september contest is over.

The winners are listed below -

1st Place - Dancemoms $100
2nd Place - jav4a $50
3rd Place - piggychops007 $10

The Accounts will be credited with the prizes by the end of today.

Congrats to the winners, and for those that have not won anything there is always the rewards program. We will be having another contest in December so start uploading and getting your videos indexed so by the time it hits december you will get downloads/streams much faster.

Grifthost Admin

Grifthost September Contest
September 08th, 2014

Hello Grifthost Users/Uploaders,

We will be holding a contest for the most streams/downloads generated for the month of September. The winners will be announced on the 1st of October and the prizes will be added into the accounts. There will be only 3 winners. The first place winner will receive $100.00. Second Place winner will receive $50.00 and Third Place Winner will received $10.00. All Downloads/Streams/Embed Streams for the month of September will count, so if you already have video views on the month of september, you already are a few steps above everyone else that hasn't started. Videos deleted due to violations or DMCA Removal Requests do not count. We have increased our servers last night so an extra 6 TB storage has been increased in our fileservers. We have also increased the deletion time of File Inactivity from 30 days to 60 days. Files that were deleted due to inactivity will still count for downloads generated in September.

Happy Uploading and may the best uploader win!

Grifthost Admin

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